Brazilian Market

Brazil is the fourth largest consumer market in the world cleaners, after the United States, China and Japan.

The steel wool segment is led indisputably by Bombril, which is synonymous with class and holds 70% market share.

The sector of liquid detergents follows a strong tendency to segmentation and sophistication, with the release of concentrated products, gel and with milder formulas that do not harm hands. The Limpol, Bombril, completes 47 years in 2017 and continues to expand sales year after year.

In the competitive market softening, the line remains concentrated trend as well as the release of containers of different sizes.

The gondola of disinfectants has gained more and more fragrances and Bombril follows leader with brands Pinho Bril and Kalipto. The leadership of Bombril also remains with scouring powder Radium brand family of soaps.