History and Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Founded in 1948 as a steel wool manufacturer, Bombril S.A. ("Bombril’ or "Company") is proud of its achievement of becoming the largest manufacturer of household care products in Brazil. The Company develops products in many categories, such as steel wool, sponges, dishwashing liquids, bar cleaning soaps, cleansers, disinfectants, cleaning solutions, fabric softeners, ironing sprays, liquid laundry detergent, fragrant sachets and air fresheners. Bombril’s 18 brands are responsible for a portfolio of more than 190 items found on supermarket shelves across Brazil.

Bombril has three industrial complexes (the Anchieta Unit in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo state, the Abreu e Lima Unit in Pernambuco state and the Sete Lagoas unit in Minas Gerais state) where each year some 428,000 metric tons of products are made by more than 2,400 employees. Once the industrial process is complete, the products are sent to innumerous points of sale throughout the country, with our brands present in more than 90% of Brazilian homes.

The credibility its products enjoy among consumers makes Bombril the absolute leader in several segments. Bombril’s growth is supported by a solid foundation. The company’s growth is focused on the long term and working closely with partners and employees. This cooperation permeates everything Bombril does, from the products it makes to the relationships it builds.

Bombril speaks openly with the public through direct, spontaneous and sincere communication. One example of this is its advertising campaign that has aired for over 30 years featuring the Bombril poster boy, one of the more endearing and best-known personalities in the history of Brazilian advertising. So it came as no surprise in 1999 that Bombril was considered the Brand of the Century by a team of advertising and marketing stars that selected the 21 brands most loved by Brazilian consumers. Of these 21 brands, only four - among them Bombril - were created and developed in Brazil.