Bombril’s operations are based on the principles of transparency and social responsibility, a commitment to ethics and the quality of life of society in general. In this context, Bombril invests in developing products with less environmental impact, in assuring that consumers receive high-quality products and in social and cultural projects throughout Brazil. Some examples of this vision of responsibility follow:

Bola Dentro Program

The tennis courts of Villa-Lobos Park in São Paulo are the backdrop for a truly exceptional initiative.

From Monday to Thursday, more than 120 underprivileged children who live near the park receive free tennis lessons through the Bola Dentro program. The children also are oriented on coexisting in society and the instructors closely monitor their educational achievement.

Based on its belief that sports are an efficient means of social transformation, integration, development and education, Bombril is the main sponsor of the Project.

Viva Mulher Project

Always attentive to the problems of the communities where it operates, Bombril launched a program of great social importance for Pernambuco state, where its Abreu e Lima unit is located. The Viva Mulher project was created to combat domestic violence and offer shelter to the victims in this state, which has the highest rate of female homicide victims in Brazil.

The initiative was developed jointly with the municipalities of Olinda and Recife and the nongovernmental organization Centro de Mulheres do Cabo, which trains professionals to assist the victims of violence. The objective is to promote gender equality and reinstill a sense of self-esteem and citizenship in the victims of domestic violence.

The project is carried out in the Centro de Referência da Mulher Márcia Dangremon, which is managed by the municipality of Olinda and has 19 professionals. Victims are assisted by social workers, which after establishing the case history look for relatives or friends to provide shelter. Afterwards, they are referred to the program’s psychologists and lawyers.

To find a job and achieve financial independence, women participate in educational and occupational activities, such as handicraft and culinary workshops, under the orientation of instructors and volunteers.

The program also refers cases involving the sexual abuse and exploitation of children to the appropriate organ, helps raise awareness in the community and encourages the denunciation of domestic violence.

Bombril’s role in the Viva Mulher program is to provide the necessary financial resources and monitor the development of activities.

1001 Opportunities

In view of its firm belief in the importance of an education, Bombril created the program "1001 Opportunities". Through the program, the company works to promote educational inclusion while improving failure and dropout rates among girls and boys aged from 8 to 17 years from low-income households.

Bombril provides the complete infrastructure of the sports association Associação Desportiva Classista (ADC) to integrate families, school and community in achieving these goals and develop critical and thinking citizens who are able to interact with society and are aware of the environment in which they live. Through this effort Bombril expects to improve the learning performance of the children and adolescents through educational, body-movement and artistic-language activities.

The "1001 Opportunities" program also works to provide a full range of assistance, in accordance with the recommendations of the Statute of Children and Adolescents. The program also seeks to involve several segments of society with the sustainability of a complementary project to promote school enrollment, lower failure rates and help disseminate the concept of democratic education.

Children and adolescents participating in the program receive benefits such as meals, healthcare plans, dental treatment and free transport.

Bombril Volunteer Program

The Bombril Volunteer program was created to encourage employees and their families to work as volunteers.

Volunteers at the company receive points each month that can be exchanged for products to be donated to the institutions supported. Those who register and begin volunteer work receive the program’s pin, t-shirt and baseball cap, and those obtaining 3,000 points receive a Silver Pin. To achieve the greatest recognition, the Gold Pin, the volunteers must work hard and achieve 6,000 points.

The Bombril Volunteer Program helps improve the quality of life of its employees and support needy communities. The program also values the company and employees as well as recognizes, draws attention to and supports successful social initiatives.